As goes the Independents, so goes the election? If the election does come down to the Independents, this could make for an exciting November, regardless of who the Democratic nominee actually is. The fight for these Independents probably will be fierce and whichever campaign is most successful in wooing these voters will mostly likely be preparing a transition plan for January of 2009. If it’s a draw, Election Day could drag on for a few days while recounts are conducted. But, this is all over five months away-- a lifetime in politics.

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Arizona has over 725,000 voters registered as independent or unaffiliated -- 27% of the total electorate. Senate Bill 1015 would open the states presidential primaries to independents.

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Super Tuesday: More than half of Yavapai voters exercised right

By Joanna Dodder Nellans, The Daily Courier

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yavapai County's preliminary voter turnout jumped to more than 50 percent Thursday when election officials added early mail ballots to the tally.

That is already a new record in a county that consistently has recorded the highest voter turnout at presidential preference elections of all Arizona counties.

And Yavapai elections officials still have to go through about 2,400 provisional ballots from Tuesday's election to see if any of those qualify. They will not finish that work until next week, Yavapai County Recorder Ana Wayman-Trujillo said.

Election officials suspect that many of those provisional ballots came from voters who were not registered with the Republican or Democratic parties. Poll workers reported that numerous non-partisan voters demanded ballots even after workers explained they would not count because only members of the two major parties could vote in this presidential preference primary election.

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Independents know it is time we do something different.

Independents are united by a belief that as a direct result of radical partisanship and special interests ordinary Americans have been pushed out of the political process and ultimately have little impact on public policy. Independents know it is time we do something different. Independents understand that structural reform of the political process is critical to moving forward and realizing the dreams we envision.

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